Welcome to the Lamp and Owl Digital!

An unconventional magazine for an unconventional university, we are the digital version of Birkbeck’s official student magazine.

We are the student voice and seek to produce a magazine that reflects the diversity of the university regardless of age, gender, race, religion or sexuality.

We publish articles that appeal to the wide range of subjects studied at the university and that encourage the varied interests of the numerous departments of Birkbeck.

We maintain a positive working relationship with the Birkbeck Student Union and we proudly represent the plethora of societies and social clubs that are active on campus.

We’re a magazine format, publishing feature articles centred around the Bloomsbury area. We focus on student reflection on university and campus news, student and BBK society stories, opinions, reviews and satire and silliness for good measure.

We intend to publish new articles three times a week.

So, come on in and browse the site and share your thoughts!

You can also get involved by writing for the magazine. Pitch us your article, or, if you don’t have a story idea, drop us a line anyway at thelampdigital@gmail.com. We always have stories for assignment.

If you’re not a writer but still want to contribute, send us your videos and pictures from around campus don’t forget to tell us what they are of, when they were taken and who took them, so that we can caption them correctly.

Looking forward to bring you more of what you want to read!

The Editorial Team

 Writing for the Lamp and Owl

  • You need to be a current student or an alumni of the university.
  • Wordcounts are between 500 – 1250 but you will be given a specific wordcount when commissioned.
  • We only publish unique content which has not been published elsewhere. You may re-publish articles on your own only after we have published your article. When you republish you must include a link back to the original article on Lamp and Owl. If you plan to re-publish elsewhere, you need to contact us first.
  • We ask for comment and opinion on topics that are of interest to the student body.
  • You can link out to as many external sources or websites as you like. Please include the full URL’s in your copy and not embedded links.
  • We are looking to publish bold and clearly argued opinion or balanced analysis. We will not run pieces that are inherently self-serving.
  • Brevity is a must! Avoid clichés and jargon.
  • Your article will go through an editorial process. We’ll review the article for clarity and tone. If we have any questions or need clarifications we will revert to you. We will also run the article by you if we have had to edit it heavily.
  • Like any publication we reserve the right to edit content to ensure the pieces we publish are in line with our editorial standards
  • Feel free to provide images with your article, their usage will be out our discretion. We may choose our own image to accompany your piece.
  • The Lamp and Owl is not a multi-author blog. We are an online magazine and as such we have an editorial calendar. We can be flexible on deadlines however in order to plan we need to know how regularly you would like to contribute. We currently publish on two days each week. Please be aware that your contribution might be delayed by breaking news.
  • A member of the editorial team will do their best to let you know when your article has been published and we encouraged all contributors to keep an eye on any comments made by readers and respond themselves where appropriate.
  • We use the Guardian and Observer style guide which can be found here: http://www.theguardian.com/info/series/guardian-and-observer-style-guide

Our aim is to up the number of articles published per week as and when the contributions allow for this. If you have any suggestions, questions or bright ideas then please do feel free to send them to thelampdigital@gmail.com





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