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I graduated in 2015, aged 35, with a BA Hons in English Literature. I'm currently writing articles for The Culture Trip website, before starting my Masters in Contemporary Literature and Culture at Birkbeck later this year. Writers and poets i admire and take influence from include John Braine, Harold Pinter, Roberto Bolaño and Emily Bronte to name but a few.

Oil and Acrylics


Mossed giant rocks tied together by taught, tussled creaking rope

Separated by deep dangerous meters.

Pressing the sea floor, no intent for journey’s West

The white rips and roars,

Underneath, aurora raw.

Aluminium panic sips, dips and spits

Tectonic plates inch the floor.


Fuel wind flutes and pecks the waves,

Like skimming stones that hit your face

Breathed in cliffs shout down ‘you fucking clown!’

‘The taxman rang’, the anchors clang

Shames tempest with metallic fangs

Have you been here?


My soul I paint…and what, is soul

Resolve, Repeat

Dash higher, dash lower. The steeple creeps your feet

You diamond thief

Splash fire, flash spire with nothing but retreat

Keep off my meat

Petty nuance breeds shivered thunder, crackling in my sleep

Lightening rips me deep.

Listing, breaking, twisting, shaking – my minds jukebox speaks;

‘Resolve’ spins on repeat.


The land of calm and battered charm awaits quick hours I keep.

Daylight; chased towers and fallen skyscrapers lick my feet

Warm, content from sleeps ascent,

I sneer down from avenues fog

Some 85 stories below – just dogs.

Resolve, repeat.