Hundreds protest at police tactics

Nearly 1,000 students rallied at the university this afternoon in a protest at arrests last week during demonstrations and a shortlived sit-in a Senate House.

Unlike last week, when during two days of action dozens of students were detained, there was no police presence, as the authorities seemed to have taken to heart the rallying cry “Cops off Campus”.

Vans full of police were on standby near Holborn but they kept away from the campus itself.

The demo arrives outside Birkbeck College.
The demo arrives outside Birkbeck College.

One student told Lamp and Owl last week how he was caught in a police “kettle” at a similar march, arrested with more than 30 others, and held in a cell for five hours, before being released in the middle of the night with no charge.

Today’s march wound its way peacefully but noisily around the campus to the beat of a samba band. Marchers then headed off the campus from Russell Square, down Southampton Row¬† and to Aldwych, stopping traffic, but no clashes with police were reported. Some protested outside the Mark Duggan inquest in the Strand and later in Whitehall.

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