Keeping ahead with technology: make your first 3D print at iMakr

As a student it’s important to keep abreast of new technologies. The courses we study at Birkbeck are fantastic, but they can’t and don’t always include the most up-to-date information because of the fast-paced technological environment we live in.

One of the latest things to have arrive is iMakr, which proclaims  itself one of the largest 3D printing shops in the world, and earlier on in the month I popped in to have a go at their “Make your first 3D print” workshop.

Make you first 3D print

Consisting of a one-to-one computer-based tutorial, iMakr used a freely available computer-aided design software called Sketch-Up, which enables you to make a choice from a number of pre-selected different designs, from Lego bricks to key fobs, using various geometrical shapes. It provided a fascinating insight into what is a new and still developing technology and I came away with my very own Lego brick.

The “make your first 3D print” at iMakr costs £29 and covers a 30-40 minute computer-based tutorial and the opportunity to design, print and take home your own 3D printed object. iMakr can be found close to where Clerkenwell Road is intersected by Farringdon Road.

Should that whet your appetite a bit, Clerkenwell will be hosting its  own Design Week in May, a gathering and exhibition of some of the best designers in the country. It promises to be a fascinating experience and as we find ourselves in need of the occasional break from those long days and evenings preparing for exams, Clerkenwell Road might just be the place to visit.

Clerkenwell Design Week is at various venues around Clerkenwell Road from 20-22 May. Entry is free but registration is needed and can be done online at


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