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Oil and Acrylics


Mossed giant rocks tied together by taught, tussled creaking rope

Separated by deep dangerous meters.

Pressing the sea floor, no intent for journey’s West

The white rips and roars,

Underneath, aurora raw.

Aluminium panic sips, dips and spits

Tectonic plates inch the floor.


Fuel wind flutes and pecks the waves,

Like skimming stones that hit your face

Breathed in cliffs shout down ‘you fucking clown!’

‘The taxman rang’, the anchors clang

Shames tempest with metallic fangs

Have you been here?


My soul I paint…and what, is soul

Resolve, Repeat

Dash higher, dash lower. The steeple creeps your feet

You diamond thief

Splash fire, flash spire with nothing but retreat

Keep off my meat

Petty nuance breeds shivered thunder, crackling in my sleep

Lightening rips me deep.

Listing, breaking, twisting, shaking – my minds jukebox speaks;

‘Resolve’ spins on repeat.


The land of calm and battered charm awaits quick hours I keep.

Daylight; chased towers and fallen skyscrapers lick my feet

Warm, content from sleeps ascent,

I sneer down from avenues fog

Some 85 stories below – just dogs.

Resolve, repeat.


Live Your Best Life

We are mere custodians of the Earth

Dotted upon the deep blue horizon

So vulnerable from our moment of birth

Searching for answers within a cold, lonely nation


During  this lifetime we will live, love and lose

Fighting the elements through high risk adventures

Learning from mistakes is the right way to choose

Licking old wounds from ill-gotten ventures


Dear friends and strangers, pray hard for peace

Even through moments of pain and despair

Bitter recriminations will now have to cease

For the passage of time to heal and repair


There is someone right now in the Third World tonight

Blessed with the talent, but denied their chance

To shine. Where every day they struggle and fight

For their right to an education. To advance.


Be grateful you have the choice to vote

To walk away from things that oppress you

Start tomorrow afresh on a positive note

And work towards being warm, loving and true


Jupiter and Mercury both winked down at me

But I don’t need a telescope in order just to see

The darkness and the light above creating all the magic

It helps to take my mind off things which really is quite tragic

The stars are always there in force to guide and comfort me

Away from all the daily pressures of what I ought to be

Behind the eyes I take it in, the rotten and the bliss

Coming out of shadows from the heavy, dark abyss

Mercury survives through blasts of solar radiation

It’s impossible for life to thrive and prosper as a nation

Rubbing up against the daytime sun’s bright rays of light

It’s photographed by probes throughout the sultry, restless night

Travelling for eighty-eight days criss crossing round the sun

It’s always finding ways to move around and have some fun

Whilst all the little ants converge upon the barren wasteland

Searching for the answers with their pen and book in hand

Ancient storms pass through the helium and hydrogen small dot

Where largest planet Jupiter takes on the Great Red Spot

Consisting of a thousand earths and sixty-seven moons

The Galileo orbiter explores the heavy dunes

Amalthea, Callisto, Io, Europa and Ganymede

Each dominate the stratosphere as moons which intercede

One day I hope to join the stars above within the galaxy

But for now I’ll carry on content to let it be

Remember me

I have left this earth, but do not forget my face
I am in your blood, the very fibre of your soul
Tell your children I served the human race
Against oppressive regimes who want to control

Baby faced soldiers, backs against the wall
Fathers and husbands running for their lives
Loved ones taking that fateful call
Where widows are made from loving wives

Ring the bells, and say your prayers
I am in the stars peering down at you below
My spirit touches you behind warm chairs
A body destroyed by foreign foe

Frozen in time, I rest at your door
Spotting a child with piercing blue eyes
A great grandson sitting on the floor
Everyone ignoring his desperate cries

Give me a legacy of which to be proud
Light me a candle in silent repose
Sing me your hymns with passion, aloud
Buy me a poppy and lay down a rose


Running through this labyrinth of stately parks and Georgian Squares

Are poets and philosophers, descending on our freshers’ fairs

Our founding College President, esteemed Physician George Birkbeck

Developed opportunities for those who love the evening trek

For writers keen to make their name within The Bloomsbury Institute

There’s workshops, talks, events and prose, the promise of a champagne flute

At Gordon Square we have a plaque to honour all The Bloomsbury Set

Strachey, Forster, Bell and Woolf we are forever in your debt

Whilst RADA’s budding actors thrive within the halls of Gower Street

Armed with swords and daggers quoting Shakespeare upon swollen feet

The drums beat loud at SOAS through the journalism classroom walls

Where student reps are armed with flyers publicising student balls

Just spare a thought for Senate House, a haven known for solitude

The central library is key, so keep your voice down, don’t be rude

Visit midweek market stalls for good luck charms, just take a look

Where students sprawl across our lawns, a head engrossed in dog-eared book

Contribute constructively through seminars, events and classes

Good luck in all your future studies, focus high on first class passes