The Croydon Mile: Sports Relief and Red Nose Day

Conquering the Croydon Mile for Sports Relief

Of all the  sponsored walks I have done so far, the Sports Relief was one of the easiest.
After watching an entire week of Sports Relief activities,  including Davina McCall’s gruelling  triathlon,  the Croydon Mile turned out to be quite easy in terms of distance.  (The only drawback was that I walked all over Brighton the day before,  so jogging or running was out of the question.)
Dozens of people turned up for the Croydon Mile, which took place at Croydon Sports Arena. We were lucky with the weather,  despite a few showers. Unlike the Cancer Research Race For Life,  which is  on public roads, the Sports Mile takes place on a track. You could choose to do one mile as I did,  three miles or six miles.
I found it was easy to lose count of how many laps I had done, but there were people posted along the route who kept track of our progress and told us how many laps we had completed.  We were also treated to a warm-up session before the “race”, and a bottle of water along with our Sports Relief medals.
My next outing will be the Race for Life with Team Heart again this year.  In fact, all my “races” or rather walks have been women-only Race for Life events. It was nice to be in a family atmosphere and not have to run or walk on public roads.
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