Time-sensitive opportunity: Dig Deep fundraising challenge

Dig Deep, a charity founded by student volunteers in 2012 which provides clean water supplies to communities across East Africa, is  looking for a committed student from Birkbeck University to join their team and lead their next fundraising challenge: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in summer 2015.

The deadline for applications is 15th May 2014.

The role:

  • Kilimanjaro Challenge Leader – leading a team of students to the roof of Africa;
  • Raising money to provide clean water to thousands of people;
  • All travel expenses provided via corporate sponsorship.

The trip:

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most impressive sights in Africa and
climbing it is one of the all-time great achievements. It’s the largest
free-standing mountain in the world and the trek encompasses terrains from jungle to glacier. Reaching the summit and watching the sun rise over the plains is the experience of a lifetime.

The sponsorship raised by the group completing this epic challenge will transform thousands of lives.

The challenge is going to take place in the summer of 2015 and  they are now recruiting for the Challenge Leader. The responsibilities of the role will include:

  • Running a recruitment campaign to select a team of dedicated students to attempt the challenge;
  • Facilitating the group’s fundraising and ensuring the social cohesion of the group in the build-up to the challenge;
  • Leading the group to the summit ensuring the welfare and morale of your team.

Skilled local guides will be there on the ground to arrange logistics and take care of all health and safety aspects, so you will not need mountaineering experience to take on the role. What is essential however is drive, confidence and the ability to motivate others.

In return for this vital work the charity’s corporate partners will cover the Challenge Leader’s travel and mountain costs for completing the challenge.

You will also gain leadership and project management experience crucial for any CV – and most importantly you will know that your work has provided clean water to thousands.

Dig Deep will be there to support you every step of the way. They have years of experience in co-ordinating challenges and many of us have been challenge leaders in the past. For more information see www.climbforcleanwater.org.

To apply for this life-changing experience,  fill out the form at www.digdeep.org.uk/gla1

Lamp and Owl is not affiliated with this charity. You may wish to delve deeper into their activities to ensure that their priorities align with yours. We are passing this on as an interesting opportunity for students to get involved with the charity sector.

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