Running through this labyrinth of stately parks and Georgian Squares

Are poets and philosophers, descending on our freshers’ fairs

Our founding College President, esteemed Physician George Birkbeck

Developed opportunities for those who love the evening trek

For writers keen to make their name within The Bloomsbury Institute

There’s workshops, talks, events and prose, the promise of a champagne flute

At Gordon Square we have a plaque to honour all The Bloomsbury Set

Strachey, Forster, Bell and Woolf we are forever in your debt

Whilst RADA’s budding actors thrive within the halls of Gower Street

Armed with swords and daggers quoting Shakespeare upon swollen feet

The drums beat loud at SOAS through the journalism classroom walls

Where student reps are armed with flyers publicising student balls

Just spare a thought for Senate House, a haven known for solitude

The central library is key, so keep your voice down, don’t be rude

Visit midweek market stalls for good luck charms, just take a look

Where students sprawl across our lawns, a head engrossed in dog-eared book

Contribute constructively through seminars, events and classes

Good luck in all your future studies, focus high on first class passes

Lynsey Ford

Lynsey Ford

Lynsey Ford is an alumnus of Birkbeck College, with a BA in Film and Media. She contributed to Lamp and Owl throughout her studies, and was Managing Editor in her final year. Lynsey is interested in film history, literature and theatre.
Lynsey Ford

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