Live Your Best Life

We are mere custodians of the Earth

Dotted upon the deep blue horizon

So vulnerable from our moment of birth

Searching for answers within a cold, lonely nation


During  this lifetime we will live, love and lose

Fighting the elements through high risk adventures

Learning from mistakes is the right way to choose

Licking old wounds from ill-gotten ventures


Dear friends and strangers, pray hard for peace

Even through moments of pain and despair

Bitter recriminations will now have to cease

For the passage of time to heal and repair


There is someone right now in the Third World tonight

Blessed with the talent, but denied their chance

To shine. Where every day they struggle and fight

For their right to an education. To advance.


Be grateful you have the choice to vote

To walk away from things that oppress you

Start tomorrow afresh on a positive note

And work towards being warm, loving and true

Lynsey Ford

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