Sayeeda Jan!

Sayeeda Jan,

When you were born, to your parents your destiny was unknown.

For many years your loved ones could not foresee the remarkable woman that you would grow up to be.

Your heart although always physically small remained throughout your life, full and lukewarm.

Your external beauty although great was secondary to the beauty which from your soul would radiate.

On the day you departed this world your earthly courage stayed behind to inspire your loved ones at their darkest time.

Although from this world you are gone, be assured that your courage will be remembered for many years to come.

Soraya Akhtar

My name is Soraya Akhtar and I am apart time science student at Birkbeck University.
When I am not studyingI enjoy takingcomposing stories and poem .
I have just finished designing a front cover for my uncle cookery book and feel very happy to have been involved.
Currently I am in the process of adding the finishing to a short story I have been writing .
I am very privileged to have the opportunity of submitting my photos , poem etcto the lamp and owl and hope that everyone who sees them will like them.

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