A Song for Valentine

In a deep, deep cave where my heart’s a slave to love,
No plan that’s obviously right to lead me back into the light,
There’s many like me who cannot see above
Their own impending devastation, trouble fits their situation like that glove
And always those who would feign propose it’s great,
This thing, this all-persistent, non-resistant state,
Some claim experience and croon, some begrudge a word,
Though everything they’re saying is little more than braying,
All sorts of tales they tell, the best that you’ve ever heard,
Who while they say believe us, deceive us,
So we think it through, then we think it’s true, surely someone somewhere knows,
But we still resist when they all insist it’s a fate we can’t oppose,
Yet somewhere there’s something there that’s obviously not deterred
And now comes that awful ache, the second time, maybe third,
So totally dazed and no less amazed to see
Why tales, incredible, may yet suggest the best that we can get,
From a whole life long that was always wrong, from me,
We have to try and look again, we could be crazy, be insane, quite probably,
But loosing the thread of the things we’ve said before
To start a whole new world? We’re not that sure,
Look despite a grand aversion
To what feels like forced conversion,
Just recall in your reversion
More exists than your own version,
Somebody waits for me and there is the one way out,
There’s no use in complaining, there’s no more past remaining,
I’ve gone blind, I’ve lost my mind and quite paralysed with doubt,
It needs a new objective perspective
I admit it’s true that I’m stuck on you and those tales have more within,
That your lovely face and your fond embrace are the way my dreams begin
And the matter’s sure when I close one door that behind the next is you
That we reach the sights from the blissful heights that one gets from being two
The sunshine, the moonbeams, the rainbows, the bright new stars
All mine now I love you and whatever’s mine is ours.

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