Jupiter and Mercury both winked down at me

But I don’t need a telescope in order just to see

The darkness and the light above creating all the magic

It helps to take my mind off things which really is quite tragic

The stars are always there in force to guide and comfort me

Away from all the daily pressures of what I ought to be

Behind the eyes I take it in, the rotten and the bliss

Coming out of shadows from the heavy, dark abyss

Mercury survives through blasts of solar radiation

It’s impossible for life to thrive and prosper as a nation

Rubbing up against the daytime sun’s bright rays of light

It’s photographed by probes throughout the sultry, restless night

Travelling for eighty-eight days criss crossing round the sun

It’s always finding ways to move around and have some fun

Whilst all the little ants converge upon the barren wasteland

Searching for the answers with their pen and book in hand

Ancient storms pass through the helium and hydrogen small dot

Where largest planet Jupiter takes on the Great Red Spot

Consisting of a thousand earths and sixty-seven moons

The Galileo orbiter explores the heavy dunes

Amalthea, Callisto, Io, Europa and Ganymede

Each dominate the stratosphere as moons which intercede

One day I hope to join the stars above within the galaxy

But for now I’ll carry on content to let it be

Lynsey Ford

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