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What is injustice

Mum do you mind if I ask you some questions?

You may if want to, but do not ask many as tonight I have a lot of work to do.

What is injustice mum?

I must think about a suitable answer to give you

I find this is hard to explain to you

I shall think about it

Please ask me again in a minute or two

If you have other questions to ask me please do?


What is a sadist mum?

Darling a sadist is a living entity who enjoys causing pain to other members of their race.

What is a misanthropist mum?

Like  a sadist a misanthropist is a person with not much  tenderness for other  human beings, but unlike a sadist  they  may not want  to cause suffering  to a person  like you and me

What is a policeman?

A policeman is reputed to be a defender of innocent victims in society

But whether he proves to be worthy of this reputation remains to be seen.


What is injustice Mum?

Injustice is the practice of showing inequality.

When you deny another person their due you commit injustice.

When one person  discriminates against  another person  on the basis  of  skin colour  they  commit injustice

When the presiding government deprives their citizen of shelter and food they commit injustice.

Shall injustice disappear one day?

Darling I cannot possibly say but I hope and pray that someday injustice will go away.