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Birkbeck and Bloomsbury Campus Events – Science Week – 23-26 March 2015

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Subjects under the microscope in this year’s Science Week, range from how we recognise faces and protect our water supplies, to investigating our immune defence system and revealing what goes on in our brains as we watch a film.

On Tuesday 24 March we have our Women in Science Evening. The talks will be given by two leading Birkbeck scientists: Professor Helen Saibil from Biological Sciences and Professor Karen Hudson-Edwards from Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Whether you’ve got a background in science, or you’re fascinated by one of these topics, book your place to attend these free Science Week events. Use the booking link below each event – booking opens on January 5 2015.

Monday 23 March

Film screening with Q&A: Attention Machine: the science of cinematic perception

Tuesday 24 March

Electron microscopy lab tour

Women in Science Evening

Talk: Protein machines in the arms race between man and pathogen

Talk: Water: precious, polluted, protected


Wednesday 25 March

Talk: How the brain recognises faces

Talk: Visualising the inner workings of the living cell


Thursday 26 March

BUCNI lab tour: Seeing into the living brain

Four talks from Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development (CBCD)

Since we have four speakers for this evening’s talks they are scheduled in a slightly different way. There are two talks in each session and you can book per session: 5.30-6.30pm or 7-8pm.

What can babies possibly tell us about Dementia?

The development of human curiosity: a few baby steps

The forgotten sense: feeling, communicating and bonding through touch

The surprisingly serious science of baby laughter


Image credit: epSos.de