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Remember me

I have left this earth, but do not forget my face
I am in your blood, the very fibre of your soul
Tell your children I served the human race
Against oppressive regimes who want to control

Baby faced soldiers, backs against the wall
Fathers and husbands running for their lives
Loved ones taking that fateful call
Where widows are made from loving wives

Ring the bells, and say your prayers
I am in the stars peering down at you below
My spirit touches you behind warm chairs
A body destroyed by foreign foe

Frozen in time, I rest at your door
Spotting a child with piercing blue eyes
A great grandson sitting on the floor
Everyone ignoring his desperate cries

Give me a legacy of which to be proud
Light me a candle in silent repose
Sing me your hymns with passion, aloud
Buy me a poppy and lay down a rose